Fundación Grupo Siro

The Grupo Siro Foundation

The activity undertaken by the Foundation extends our commitment to adding value to Society based on four established aims:

  • Granting of Training Excellence Bursaries to contribute to the education of the children of co-workers and detect new professional talents.
  • Support for outstanding medical treatment for co-workers and their relatives.
  • Encouragement of the integration of People at Risk of Social Exclusion.
  • Restoration and embellishment of the Historical, Artistic and Environmental Heritage of the areas where we operate.

The Board of Trustees is the executive body of the Foundation, with the mission not only of fulfilling its purposes but diligently administering its body of assets. The Foundation is under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture Protectorate, which guarantees the proper exercise of its rights and the legality of its establishment and operations.

Within the context of its four established purposes, the efforts of the Grupo Siro Foundation are wide-ranging, serving to develop a range of social, cultural, environmental and research projects, all of which have a positive impact both on the company itself and the environment within which Grupo Siro operates.

The key initiatives of the Foundation include in particular:

  • Funding of work to restore the Gothic carvings of Santa Ana, La Virgen and El Niño de Briviesca.
  • "Talent Programme" (Inserta Forum), in partnership with the European Social Fund, promoting the occupational integration of people with disability.
  • Partnership agreement with the Universia Foundation to promote the training and employment of disabled students.
  • Agreement in partnership with the LAFER Foundation for its Master's course (MGEA).
  • Involvement in the Isabel I de Castilla University's Educational Campus in Castile-Leon
  • University-approved Master's courses in Executive Skills and Business Management qualifications.
  • Training Excellence Bursaries awarded to children of Grupo Siro co-workers with outstanding grades.
  • The Grupo Siro Foundation Award for Agri-Food Research.

The Foundation has partnership agreements with:

  • The Seres Foundation
  • Forética.
  • ONCE Foundation Inserta Responsible Forum.
  • LAFER Foundation.
  • Seeliger & Conde Foundation.
  • AEF (Spanish Association of Foundations).
  • Natural Heritage Foundation.
  • Ages of Man Foundation
  • Castile-Leon Regional Government network to protect families in crisis.
  • San Telmo Institute.
  • EDEM Business School.

                                                                                                      Juan Manuel Gonzalez Serna and Lucía Urbán López with the ONCE Foundation team. Renewal of INSERTA Agreement.

The Grupo Siro Foundation, headquartered at the San Pelayo del Cerrato Monastery in Cevico-Navero (Palencia), was established in 2007 at the express wish of Juan Manuel González Serna and Lucía Urbán López, to guarantee the continuity of the company.

The Grupo Siro Foundation Award for Agri-food Research

One of the established purposes of the Grupo Siro Foundation is to foster research, and the announcement of this award represents an expression of its dedication to promoting this aspect as a tool for the enhancement of the agri-food sector.

The Grupo Siro Foundation Agri-food Research Award is intended to recognise and incentivise research efforts in what is a vital field for sustainable economic development and social well-being, spotlighting and supporting the dissemination of outstanding studies in terms of innovation and application which represents the basis for social progress.

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