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The i+dea Research and Development Centre our partner in innovation. Together we develop healthier, tastier products at the best possible price. Over the course of 2013 we brought around 100 new products to market.

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“The dynamic of oral processing in the development of biscuit textures. BISCOTEX”

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Call for applications: 2015 Collaboration Challenges

OVERALL OBJECTIVE:  To transfer into an industrial context the latest advancements in the role played by food structure in oral processing and, as a result, the perception of biscuit texture from a wide sensory area. With this in mind, the goal is to create mechanisms that enable the design and development of biscuit formulations that adapt to certain expectations, concepts, lifestyles and/or new contexts in the definition of consumers.


  • To establish a perceptual map of the biscuits in the market and determine its scope, from which concepts for further research will be extracted.
  • Based on a number of formulations suggested by the perceptual map, in which fat and sugar content will vary systematically, as well as their healthier substitutes.
  • To relate sensations with the target concepts through innovative methods, such as CATA and WA.
  • To redesign the formulation based on the results obtained for each concept individually and at suitable composition intervals.
  • To study how the results obtained condition manufacturing within an industrial process.
  • For each concept, to determine how biscuit texture can be modified in order to obtain the specific sensations associated with it, in biscuits with less fat and sugar content and with the specific sensory properties.
  • To obtain biscuits with 30% less fat and 50% less sugar with specific sensory properties.
  • To produce a type of biscuit that adapts to a concept and is market-targeted in order to demonstrate the results and with the intention bringing it to the market in the year following completion of the project.