Grupo Siro is made up of individuals, and it is they who each day satisfy clients in accordance with their needs. People think, feel and perform different roles in life, which is why the Grupo Siro fosters a relationship model based on "treating others as we would like them to treat us".

Grupo Siro Strategic People Plan has five strategic objectives:

  • Higher quality employment
  • Development of the command chain
  • Motivated team who internalise the model
  • Integrated people management
  • Zero accidents

In order to enable the company to achieve these objectives, co-workers are offered opportunities for growth through internal promotion. In parallel, the Competency Framework has been redefined, along with definition of the Leadership Model, with the corresponding revision of the Performance Management System.

Grupo Siro establishes stable working frameworks to achieve more committed and efficient teams capable of helping improve the company's sustainability.

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